Who We Are

Get a glimpse of who we are today, and of the long, long way we've come together.



With a host of writers holding advanced degrees in their respective fields, we can handle any challenge you have to offer with the expertise it demands.



Constantly depleting our coffee reserves, our customer care managers have all the energy it takes to make your problems go away, whenever you need it.



These are the guys who make sure that our system stays impenetrable no matter what, so that your data is safe and our contract is absolutely confidential.

The Inception

Born out of a regular college dorm, and devised by two classmates with a lofty goal (buying two Lego Star Destroyers), our company saw the light of day for the first time.

Hit 10,000 Clients

It was rough going for a while but we never gave up. With a solid number of clients who've already put their faith in us, we knew there was no turning back.

Support Team Got a Tortoise

As the competition on the market grew fierce, we knew it was time we did something daring, a bold move to set us apart from others. So we got ourselves a tortoise.

Hired Our 500th Writer

Getting Hermes proved to be the right call. The overwhelming success we'd reached since then allowed us to improve our service and get even more experts on board.

Changed Our Looks

The oh-so-familiar, yet oh-so-ugly, old website done away with, we've treated ourselves to a fancy new design. We know it paid off: you're here, and that's all that matters.

Ours is a success story. We can't wait to hear yours.

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